Almanach de Gotha

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The Almanach de Gotha is a directory of Europe's royalty and higher nobility, also including the major governmental, military and diplomatic corps, as well as statistical data by country.

It was first published in 1763 at the court of Frederick III, Duke of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg, and came to be regarded as an authority in the classification of monarchies and their courts, reigning and former dynasties, princely and ducal families, and the genealogical, biographical and titulary details of Europe's highest level of aristocracy.

Publication ceased with the 181st edition in 1944 after the Soviet's destroyed the Almanach de Gotha's archives. In 1998 after a gap of 54 years the 182nd edition was published under a new publisher. The most recent edition was the 203rd published in 2020.

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