Archduke Sigismund, Grand Duke of Tuscany

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Archduke Sigismund
Grand Duke of Tuscany
Head of the House of Tuscany
Tenure 18 June 1993 - present
Predecessor Archduke Leopold Franz
Successor Archduke Leopold Amadeo
Born (1966-04-21)21 April 1966
Lausanne, Switzerland
Elyssa Edmonstone
(m. 1999; div. 2013)
Issue Leopold Amadeo
Full name
Sigismund Otto Maria Josef Gottfried Heinrich Erik Leopold Ferdinand
House Habsburg-Lorraine
Father Archduke Leopold Franz of Austria
Mother Laetitia d'Arenberg

Archduke Sigismund, Grand Duke of Tuscany (born 21 April 1966) is an Archduke of Austria, Prince of Hungary and Bohemia, and the current Head of the Tuscan branch of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine, and therefore the titular Grand Duke of Tuscany.[1] He is a great-great-grandson of Ferdinand IV, the last reigning Grand Duke of Tuscany.


Sigismund was born in Lausanne the son of Archduke Leopold Franz of Austria and his first wife Laetitia d'Arenberg, born Laetitia de Belzunce (and adopted by her stepfather Erik, 11th Duke of Arenberg).[1][2] Sigismund has a BSc in computer science and has worked as a software engineer banker.[1]

On 18 June 1993, upon his second marriage, Sigismund's father Leopold Franz renounced his rights as Head of the Tuscan branch of the Habsburgs in favour of Sigismund.[1] At the same time Sigismund succeeded his father as Grand Master of the Order of Saint Joseph and the Order of Saint Stephen, the two orders of knighthood of the Grand Ducal House of Tuscany. He has also a served as a patron for the Almanach de Gotha.[3]

Sigismund was raised in Uruguay and Switzerland by his mother and father. His maternal family are said to possess businesses in Uruguay.


In 1999, Sigismund married Elyssa Edmonstone (born Glasgow, 11 September 1973), the only daughter of Sir Archibald Bruce Edmonstone, of Duntreath, 7th Baronet by his second wife Juliet Elizabeth Deakin.[4] Archduchess Elyssa is a great-great-granddaughter of Marshall Field and a third cousin of Camilla, Queen of the United Kingdom. The Edmonstone family is an old Scottish family that was raised to a baronetcy in 1774; their best-known member was the royal mistress Alice Keppel. Through this family connection, Elyssa and Queen Camilla are third cousins. The couple are divorced since 25 June 2013, with annulment in 2016. The couple have three children, Archduke Leopold, Grand Prince of Tuscany, Archduchess Tatyana and Archduke Maximilian.[1]

Sigismund lives with his family in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2017, the renunciation of French citizenship (obtained through his French mother) was legally recorded for him and his children, under the name Sigismond Otto Maria Joseph Gottfried Heinrich Erik Leopold Ferdinand de Habsbourg-Lorraine.[5]

Titles and styles[edit]

As head of the grand ducal house of Tuscany, Sigismund's titles include Archduke of Austria, Prince of Hungary and Bohemia and Grand Duke of Tuscany with the style His Imperial and Royal Highness.[1]


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