House of Grimaldi

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The House of Grimaldi is a European noble, and previously princely, house founded in 1160 by Grimaldo Canella in Genoa.

The House of Grimaldi became the ruling house of Monaco when Francesco Grimaldi captured Monaco in 1297 and produced every ruler of Monaco from then until the death in 1731 of Louise Hippolyte, Princess of Monaco who was married to Jacques Goyon de Matignon. Other branches of the House of Grimaldi, such as the Marquesses Grimaldi of Genoa which survive to the current day, unsuccessfully claimed the throne of Monaco at various points after the death of Princess Louise Hippolyte.

House of Goyon de Matignon-Grimaldi[edit]

The son of Princess Louise Hippolyte and Jacques Goyon de Matignon, Honoré III, Prince of Monaco, was the founder of the House of Goyon de Matignon-Grimaldi[1] which ruled in Monaco until the death of Louis II, Prince of Monaco in 1949.

House of Polignac-Grimaldi[edit]

In 1949 Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, the son of Princess Charlotte, Duchess of Valentinois, the daughter of Pince Louis II, and her husband Count Pierre de Polignac, the first of the Polignac-Grimaldi lineage, succeeded to the throne.


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