House of Zogu

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House of Zogu
CountryAlbanian Kingdom
Founded20th century
1 September 1928 (as a royal house)
FounderKing Zog I
Current headCrown Prince Leka II
Final rulerZog of Albania
Estate(s)Burgajet Castle, Mati

The House of Zogu, or Zogolli during Ottoman times and until 1922, is an Albanian dynasty whose roots date back to the early 14th century. The family provided the first president and the short-lived modern Albanian Kingdom with its only monarch, Zog I of Albania (1928–1939).


The dynasty was founded by Zogu Pasha, who migrated to the region of Mat in north-central Albania during the early 13th century.

The most famous member of the dynasty is Zog I, who in 1928 proclaimed himself King of the Albanians and ruled until he was deposed by Victor Emmanuel III of Italy following the Italian invasion of 1939. Victor Emmanuel subsequently assumed the Albanian throne.

Members of the House of Zogu.

With the death in exile of King Zog in 1961, he was succeeded as claimant to the throne and head of the House of Zogu by his only son Leka, Crown Prince of Albania (born 1939), who was proclaimed King of the Albanians by the Albanian National Assembly in exile.[1] King Leka remained head of the house and claimant to the throne until his death in 2011 when he was succeeded by his only son, Leka II.

Leka has no sons and is the only living descendant of King Zog. The current heir presumptive to Prince Leka is Skënder Zogu, his first cousin once removed.[2]

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