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Welcome to Royalpedia, the online royal encyclopaedia on European and Latin American royalty founded in 2018.

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To get the project up and running in some cases we are initially importing articles from Wikipedia which we intend to improve and expand upon where required, as well as creating brand new content that you won’t find elsewhere such as listing the entire line of succession to the British throne.

This is a new and a long term project so please bear with us while we build the encyclopedia, and if you feel you have something to contribute - no matter how big or small - all good faith edits to articles are welcome so please register for an account!

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The Royal Houses


State Monarch Since House Heir Succession
  Belgium King Philippe 21 July 2013 Saxe-Coburg and Gotha Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant Line of succession
  Denmark Queen Margrethe II 14 January 1972 Glücksburg Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark Line of succession
  Liechtenstein Prince Hans-Adam II 13 November 1989 Liechtenstein Alois, Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein Line of succession
  Luxembourg Grand Duke Henri 7 October 2000 Bourbon-Parma Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg Line of succession
  Monaco Prince Albert II 6 April 2005 Polignac-Grimaldi Jacques, Hereditary Prince of Monaco Line of succession
  The Netherlands King Willem-Alexander 30 April 2013 Orange-Nassau Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange Line of succession
  Norway King Harald V 17 January 1991 Glücksburg Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway Line of succession
  Spain King Felipe VI 19 June 2014 Bourbon Leonor, Princess of Asturias Line of succession
  Sweden King Carl XVI Gustaf 15 September 1973 Bernadotte Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden Line of succession
  United Kingdom King Charles III 8 September 2022 Windsor William, Prince of Wales Line of succession

Non reigning

State Head Since House Heir Succession
  Albania Crown Prince Leka II 30 November 2011 Zogu Skender Zogu Line of succession
  Anhalt Prince Eduard 9 October 1963 Ascania Line of succession
  Austria-Hungary Archduke Karl 1 January 2007 Habsburg-Lorraine Archduke Ferdinand Line of succession
  Baden Margrave Bernhard 29 December 2022 Baden Hereditary Prince Leopold Line of succession
  Bavaria Duke Franz 8 July 1996 Wittelsbach Prince Max Line of succession
  Brazil (Disputed) Prince Bertrand 15 July 2022 Orléans-Braganza Prince Antônio Line of succession
Prince Pedro Carlos 27 December 2007 Prince Pedro Thiago
  Bulgaria King Simeon II 28 August 1943 Saxe-Coburg and Gotha Prince Boris Line of succession
  France (Legitimist) Prince Louis 30 January 1989 Bourbon Prince Louis Line of succession
  France (Orléanist) Prince Jean 21 January 2019 Orléans Prince Gaston Line of succession
  France (Bonapartist) Prince Jean Christophe 3 May 1997 Bonaparte Prince Louis Line of succession
  Greece Crown Prince Pavlos 10 January 2023 Glücksburg Hereditary Prince Constantine Alexios Line of succession
Prince Ernst August 9 December 1987 Hanover Hereditary Prince Ernst August Line of succession
  Hesse and by Rhine
Landgrave Donatus 23 May 2013 Hesse Hereditary Prince Moritz Line of succession
  Hesse-Philippsthal-Barchfeld Landgrave Wilhelm 17 November 1954 Hesse Prince Wilhelm Line of succession
  Hohenzollern Prince Karl Friedrich 16 September 2010 Hohenzollern Hereditary Prince Alexander Line of succession
  Italy (Disputed) Prince Aimone 1 June 2021 Savoy Prince Umberto Line of succession
Prince Vittorio Emanuele 18 March 1983 Prince Emanuele Filiberto
  Lippe (disputed) Prince Stephan 20 August 2015 Lippe Hereditary Prince Bernhard Line of succession
Prince Friedrich Wilhelm 15 June 1990 Prince Ernst August
  Mecklenburg Duke Borwin 26 January 1996 Mecklenburg Duke Alexander Line of succession
  Modena Archduke Lorenz 7 February 1996 Habsburg-Lorraine Archduke Amedeo Line of succession
  Montenegro Crown Prince Nicholas 24 March 1986 Petrović-Njegoš Hereditary Prince Boris Line of succession
  Oldenburg Duke Christian 20 September 2014 Holstein-Gottorp Duke Alexander Line of succession
  Parma Duke Carlos 18 August 2010 Bourbon-Parma Prince Carlos Line of succession
  Portugal Duke Duarte Pio 24 December 1976 Braganza Prince Afonso Line of succession
  German Empire
Prince Georg Friedrich 26 September 1994 Hohenzollern Prince Carl Friedrich Line of succession
  Reuss Prince Heinrich XIV 20 June 2012 Reuss Hereditary Prince Heinrich XXIX Line of succession
  Romania (Disputed) Prince Carol Frederic 5 December 2017 Hohenzollern Hereditary Prince Alexandru Line of succession
Margareta 5 December 2017 Princess Elena
  Russia (Disputed) Prince Alexis Andreevich 28 November 2021 Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov Prince Peter Andreevich Line of succession
Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna 21 April 1992 Grand Duke George Mikhailovich
Prince Nikolai Kirillovich (Karl Emich) 1 June 2013 Leiningen Prince Emich
  Saxe-Coburg and Gotha Prince Andreas 23 January 1998 Saxe-Coburg and Gotha Hereditary Prince Hubertus Line of succession
  Saxe-Meiningen Duke Konrad 4 October 1984 Saxe-Meiningen None Line of succession
  Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach Prince Michael 14 October 1988 Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach Prince Wilhelm Ernst Line of succession
  Saxony (Disputed) Prince Daniel 6 October 2012 Wettin, Albertine Line Prince Gero Line of succession
Margrave Alexander 23 July 2012 Gessaphe Prince Georg
  Schaumburg-Lippe Prince Alexander 28 August 2003 Schaumburg-Lippe Hereditary Prince Heinrich Donatus Line of succession
  Schleswig-Holstein Prince Ferdinand 27 September 2023 Glücksburg Prince Alfred Line of succession
  Tuscany Archduke Sigismund 18 June 1993 Habsburg-Lorraine Grand Prince Leopold Amadeo Line of succession
  Two Sicilies (Disputed) Prince Pedro 5 October 2015 Bourbon-Two Sicilies Prince Jaime Line of succession
Prince Carlo 20 March 2008
  Waldeck and Pyrmont Prince Wittekind 30 November 1967 Waldeck Prince Carl Anton Line of succession
  Württemberg Duke Wilhelm 7 June 2022 Württemberg Duke Eberhard Line of succession
  Yugoslavia Crown Prince Alexander 3 November 1970 Karađorđević Hereditary Prince Philip Line of succession