Philippe Charles, Duke of Anjou

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Philippe Charles of France
Duke of Anjou
Philippe Charles in by Nocret.
Duke of Anjou
Reign 5 August 1668 – 10 July 1671
Predecessor Philippe of France
Successor Louis François of France
Born (1668-08-00)August 1668
Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye
Died 10 July 1671(1671-07-10) (aged 2)
Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye
Full name
Philippe Charles de France
Father Louis XIV of France
Mother Maria Theresa of Austria
Burial Royal Basilica, Saint Denis, France

Charles Philippe of France Son of France, Duke of Anjou (August 1668 - 10 July 1671) was a son of King Louis XIV of France and his wife Maria Theresa of Austria. He was given the title Duke of Anjou at birth. He died aged 2 in 1671 and was eventually buried at the Royal Basilica o Saint Denis outside Paris while his heart was placed in the Val-de-Grâce which was an abbey set up by his grandmother Anne of Austria.

Philippe Charles, Duke of Anjou
Born: 5 August 1668 Died: 10 July 1671
French nobility
Preceded by Duke of Anjou
5 August 1668 – 10 July 1671
Succeeded by