Succession to the throne of Württemberg

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William II, the last king of Württemberg

The succession to the throne of Württemberg is vested in the members of the House of Württemberg. The monarchy of Württemberg came to an end in 1918 along with the rest of the monarchies that made up the German Empire. The last member of the dynasty to reign as King of Württemberg was William II.

With the death of William II in 1921, succession to the royal claim bypassed the former Duke of Teck and the Duke of Urach, both of whom descended from morganatic marriages, and the headship of the royal house was inherited by Albrecht, Duke of Württemberg, of the Roman Catholic, Altshausen branch of the royal family. The current head of the House of Württemberg is his great great grandson Wilhelm, Duke of Württemberg.

Succession law[edit]

The succession is determined by Article 7 of the 1819 Constitution of the Kingdom of Württemberg, which states:[1]

The right of the succession to the throne belongs to the male line of the royal house; the order of the same is determined by the succession of lines according to primogeniture.

Current line of succession[edit]

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Line of succession in 1918[edit]


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