Wilhelm, Duke of Württemberg

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Duke of Württemberg
Head of the House of Württemberg
Tenure 7 June 2022 - present
Predecessor Duke Carl
Heir presumptive Duke Eberhard
Born (1994-08-13) 13 August 1994 (age 29)
Ravensburg, Germany
Full name
Wilhelm Friedrich Carl Philipp Albert Nikolaus Erich Maria Herzog von Württemberg
House Württemberg
Father Friedrich, Hereditary Prince of Württemberg
Mother Princess Marie of Wied
Religion Roman Catholic

Wilhelm Friedrich Carl Philipp Albert Nikolaus Erich Maria, Duke of Württemberg (born 13 August 1994) is the head of the House of Württemberg and a German businessperson. He is Chair of the Hofkammer des Hauses Württemberg, the company which manages the forests, farms, wineries, and housing estates of the former royal family of the Kingdom of Württemberg.


Wilhelm is the eldest child of Friedrich, Hereditary Prince of Württemberg (1961–2018) and Princess Marie of Wied (born 1973). He was baptised in September 1994 with his uncles Erich, Prince of Waldburg zu Zeil und Trauchburg, and Prince Wilhelm of Wied, as his godfathers.[1] He has two younger sisters, Duchess Marie Amelie (born 1996) and Duchess Sophie Dorothee (born 1997).[2]

Duke Wilhelm belongs to the ducal branch of the House of Württemberg which inherited the headship of House in 1921 upon the death of King William II of Württemberg, the last male member of the royal line. Duke Wilhelm is a descendant of King William II via his mother.

Wilhelm studied farming at the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England between 2015-2016 before taking on a 6 month internship at his family’s Hofkammer des Hauses Württemberg business. He resumed his studies at the Royal Agricultural University in 2017 studying for a Foundation Degree in Science in business and enterprise and then from 2019 for a Bachelor of Science degree in international business graduating in 2020.[3]

After graduation Wilhelm spent a year working for the United Arab Emirates based farming company Al Dahra BayWa. [3]

Duke of Württemburg[edit]

On 9 May 2018, Wilhelm's father died in a car accident while driving on his way home to Friedrichshafen.[4] Upon the death of his father, Wilhelm became the heir apparent to his grandfather, Carl, Duke of Württemberg as Head of the House of Württemberg.[5] In July 2019 it was also announced that Wilhelm would be the future head of the Württemberg Hofkammer, the administrative offices of the family business.[6]

On 7 June 2022 Wilhelm succeeded as Head of the House of Württemberg upon the death of his grandfather, Carl, Duke of Württemberg.[7]

Wilhelm is unmarried. The heir presumptive to the headship of the House is Wilhelm's paternal uncle Duke Eberhard of Württemberg.


8. Phillipp, Duke of Württemberg (1893-1975)
4. Carl, Duke of Württemberg (1936-2022)
9. Archduchess Rosa of Austria (1906-1983)
2. Friedrich, Hereditary Prince of Württemberg (1961-2018)
10. Henri, comte de Paris (1908-1999)
5. Princess Diane of Orléans (b. 1940)
11. Princess Isabelle of Orléans-Braganza (1911-2003)
1. Wilhelm, Duke of Württemberg[8]
12. Prince Dietrich of Wied (1907-1976)
6. Prince Ulrich of Wied (1931-2010)
13. Countess Antoinette Julia Grote (1902-1988)
3. Princess Marie of Wied (b. 1973)
14. Gottfried Fischer
7. Ilke Fischer (1936-2020)
15. Maria Mühlenbein


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